"John is an amazing person. I called John, out of the blue, regarding getting some advice on solving a structured settlement problem. Immediately, a he called me, and provided unique and valuable solutions. He donated at least a 1/2 hr of his time. Further, due to the situation, he stood to have zero chance to gain from his help. John is just that kind of person - looking to share his knowledge and help people".  August 23, 2022 SW from NJ  Google, Linkedin

"John Darer is absolutely the BEST! I've been in a Structured Settlement conundrum in Texas, and John Darer has provided me with much sound Broker advice and knowledge. On top of that, he is there to go above and beyond for help as the Structured Settlement Watchdog! God Bless you, John Darer!"    May 7, 2022 V from TX   Google

"You certainly have a passion for protecting and preserving structured settlement recipients. A unique and important industry role". September 30, 2020  Lawyer and author of seminal structured settlement text and insurance company executive

 " You have a wonderful blog"  
August 30, 2020  Partner in Pennsylvania law firm

"​​​Just catching up on the news at your site. Fascinating as always. Keep up the spectacular work!!!" August 12, 2020  Lawyer in California

"John seems to know a great deal about structured settlements. I had called originally to discuss selling mine, but John provided his input and reasons why I should reconsider. The process of selling a settlement can be arduous and annoying with the amount of cold calls and emails from buyers like ********* *** ****  Thanks to him, I will do more due diligence before selling my settlement" BBB review August 3, 2020  -B

"I want to say thank you for your website. I have found good information on it and you are not afraid to call out some unfair practices"  July 25, 2020 -Lori

"John, Thanks again.  We really appreciate it and you looking out for us"  October 24, 2019 K-  Advisor in MA 

"​John Darer, a respected structured settlement consultant in Connecticut who writes the industry’s “Watchdog” blog, has chronicled examples of people who took large sums of money after an accident settlement only to see it all disappear because of family and friends with their hands out for loans that were never repaid". October 14, 2019  Kiplingers

"Nice analysis of Taylor!  And I see that Maryland’s adjudication of the lead paint fiasco continues. 
Thanks for being the “structured settlement watchdog”! 
April 24, 2019  Lawyer in CT

"Just wanted to let you know that I do read your blog from time to time.  I find it very informative and insightful, and I think you provide a good service to the industry with the information you highlight.  Please keep up the good work!"   Insurance company executive December 6,  2018

​​​"It wasn't easy but after many years I was able to escape the type of work that I had been trained to do in the world of transferring structured settlement payment rights. Since I have moved on, I have come to appreciate much of what you have boldly posted about that world...and a lot of it is quite ugly. I don't know if anybody who was on the "other side" ever thanked you for sticking to your guns and saying it like it is but, from me, thanks. I've switched my views and a lot of what you posted challenged me to rethink what I had been taught"  Former factoring company insider  October 30, 2018

"I found John Darer website about 4 months after receiving a letter (concerning a problem with an investment in secondary market annuities) & he was our "SAVIOR". We had finally found someone who knew & understood what had happen to us. Many kudos & blessing to this man John Darer. Although our investment of approx. $150,000 might never get back to us, we have someone that's willing & able to share our mishap on his blog where the world can read and for this we forever appreciative & grateful. You John have given us a voice to let the world know what happened to us... Again thank you John Darer for caring & being a voice for us (retired seniors in Jacksonville, Florida)."  February 13, 2018

"By google search "secondary market annuities" I came across John Darer's blog & website.  Thank God for this MAN! John explained to me that we were not the only ones (whose payments were suspended due to competing claims in the Access Funding scam).  He was very sympathetic to what we were going through.  John had a listening ear & he help me to better understand what had actually happen with our investment.  We really needed some clarification because we were so confused."  February 5, 2018

"I enjoy and appreciate the work you do on your website. It’s a good thing for our industry!-E.  industry colleague  October 29, 2017

"I always get some peace of mind after I speak with you"-Lstructured settlement investor  August 4, 2017

"Thank you so much for giving us your time and leading us in the right path , Thank you, you are a God send , God bless you in all your works" -K  April 11, 2017

"Keep up your good work for consumers"  Orlando personal injury attorney   July 20, 2015

"Once again, I can't tell you how appreciative I am for your help. In today's day and age, it is rare that you actually find people who are willing to go the extra mile..." -TC May 5, 2015

 "John, I can't thank you enough for assisting me with my Structured Settlement dilemma. You took the time and made my case a priority. Your expertise and knowledge allowed you to be an advocate for me as I was struggling with a big insurance company and getting the run around. Knowing you were in my corner, supporting me gave me faith that the matter would be resolved fairly. I don't think you would have accepted any other outcome.You were a huge help, and I am truly grateful.  April 4, 2015

"I wanted to send you this email to say Happy New Year to you and your family. May God continue to bless you. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you on the phone. I truly thank you for introducing me and my son, (redacted) to (lawyer). It is people like you that God put in the path of my son situation. Thanks a million times! {original on file] LT  January 1, 2015

" I wish there were more like you"  September 15, 2014

"In my opinion, John Darer is an excellent consumer advocate in the insurance industry. When I had no one else to turn to after  running up against the stone walls of these giant (life)insurance companies, John Darer used hours of his own time to investigate my situation. Not only is this an invaluable service to me the consumer but it is also of great value to the insurance industry by providing them consumer feed-back. This allows the insurance companies to correct their faults and move toward greater transparency which improves the overall public image of the insurance industry as a whole"  - Aviva structured settlement annuitant, after annuity issuer was sold and acquiring insurer was slow to respond on question about the status of the Capital Maintenance Agreement sold with the structured annuity policy,     John Griffiths, lead plaintiff in Griffiths v Aviva London Assignment Corporation et al.  September 4, 2014

"Dear Mr. Darer,
 While searching for updated information about structured settlements, I came across your website and was blown away by the wealth of information that you provided about this industry. Thank you so much!  I got frustrated with not only trying to find updated contact information for my annuity holder but I was scared when I discovered that they got out of writing structured settlements. I immediately thought to myself, my money is gone! So, I took to the web and found your website and your videos and other helpful links which ultimately put my mind at ease. What really put my mind at ease was when you personally returned my phone call and took the time to reassure me that my insurance company is in it to win it , and that I should worry no more. A true professional. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks again! 4 Structures.com worked 4 me!    Sincerely,  L.C. ="  June 2013

"Thanks for reading and for your response, as it now allows me to correct the language, and lets me know that someone is actually reading the blog.  As for "one", well, voice recognition software doesn't get it all right, and obviously looking at the article before publishing it didn't work as well either.  That correction has already been made"   October 1, 2012

"John Darer was actually a HUGE HELP to me in regards to taking time with me on multiple occasions, answering all of my questions & MOST IMPORTANTLY helping me to understand the importance of "shopping" around to find the BEST deal to suit me, my family, our future, regarding the dire situation I was faced with. He always returned my calls & became a trusted confidant whom I felt gave a shit about what I was looking to get/need as far as negotiating my structured settlement!!  I have a lot of nice things to say about John Darer & how he took time to help me out no matter the length of time I needed as well as gave me options to think about, his honest opinions (which were always very helpful) & actually cared to listen. Unlike almost all of the structured settlement companies that were only interested in fattening their pockets at the cost of my money that I suffered greatly to earn!!".  August 2012

"John Darer you keep on revealing the TRUTH to all of us annuitants that deserve only the truth about the sharks & piranhas out to take all they can from us & OUR MONEY!!!!!!! Mr. Darer you have been a tremendous help to me & I look forward to continue business with you & listening to your advice! If it weren't for you I would have gotten "screwed" out of my own money as I did in the past with (NASP Member Company) THANK YOU & keep on keeping on!"  Andrew S.  August 16, 2012

"Mr. Darer, Thank you for posting my comment. The Hell that I have been through since December 10, 2011 (when I got that letter from ELNY) cannot even be described. I am so scared. Terrified. Unbelievable that I get to be victimized, twice. And now my children get to suffer too. Nice.I don't understand how in the world that the Hardship Fund is NOT set up yet?? I can't receive any updated information from them.Thank you for all that you are posting. I can't even begin to tell you how appreciative I am". Executive Life Insurance Company of NY annuitant February 16, 2012

"Thanks-you are very kind"  Executive Life Insurance Company of NY annuitant  December 30, 2011

"John,Wanted to give you a heads up that we changed the lottery story a couple of days ago re: the use of structured settlements. Thanks for pointing out my mistake"  Reporter  Investment News  December 7, 2011

" As you can imagine the Association is reluctant to guide members in any way on their relations with any company. However, I think you have done the Lord's work with your blog   Peer  January 22, 2008

" I am writing to commend you on your ongoing effort to clean up the structured settlement industry. I wish you well in this endeavor and will do my best to steer conscientious attorneys to your blog so they may learn the truth about this practice" Peer December 13, 2007

" I commend your interest in finding a way to reassure people of who in the industry does not engage in this unethical practice. In my view, it is long over due that our industry defines who we are and how we must conduct business"  Peer November 30, 2007

" Where the hell do you find the time to do this stuff?  Pretty impressive!!  Peer November 30, 2007

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